28 October, 2009

Slot Machine in Super Mario

It was in 2004 that I first use the Nintendo DS. It was then the bulky one. My aunt’s friend owned it and she would allow us to use it everyday after she finished playing. The first game I played was the mini game in Super Mario 64 DS. The player I have chosen was Luigi. It was a typical memory match game. You’ll have to pick two matching cards to make them disappear. To win the game you have to clear all the cards and the winnings are coins. They will give you a corresponding number of coins if you win. For every incorrect matching of cards they will take one coin in your pot money.

It’s a simple kiddie game yet adults like me have come to get pleasure from it. By the way, the game took place in the casino wherein slot machines are behind Luigi. Slot machines are gambling device that is popularly used by most people around the globe. There are different types of slot machines available. It also has lots of informal term originated from different country. If you want to amuse yourself in an online Slot Machine , the web has a rich source and guide on where to play it safely. Super Mario 64 DS mini game is somewhat similar to some slot machine games.



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