18 November, 2009

Why I am not Good in Math

I’m just wondering here why I’m not good in math. lol! Is it hereditary? Perhaps there are some vitamins and minerals that was lacking in me when I was still a baby.hehe. I grew up not having so much interest in math. I do study for the sake of not receiving a failure grade. Gladly I did not fail from all the math subjects I had all throughout the course of my study. Lucky is it not? Honestly I’m very much thankful to all my friends for always being there to help me out in this particular subject. They are there whenever I ask for math help.

During our time online math help is not available. Especially that I studied in the province where computer and internet are out of reach. When I was in college at the place where computer and internet are widely use; I grabbed the opportunity to be able to find online a free online math tutoring. I was successful. I was happy to the fact that I found an online math tutor.

I discovered that there a lot of people who was also looking for an online math help as well as online math tutoring in different school level. I was blissful that math geniuses have been so generous to offer free online math help to those people weak in math just like me.




Leomar said...

I am also not good in Math. Although i believe that there are naturally gifted people who are brilliant in Math, exerting extra efforts in studying the subject can yield positive results.

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Vernz said...

I do the same, but it is said it is just about practicing more ... but I dread this subject.. but come to think of it we use mathematics every single day of our life ... hahahah!

Online Printing Company said...

As for me, I don't think my bad math skills are hereditary. Everyone in the family is good at math. Three of are Engineering students, and my oldest brother is a CPA. I took a writing course just to stay away from Math. LOL!