04 November, 2009

Souvenir For Everyone

Souvenirs are common. It completes the escape. A vacation would not be complete without souvenirs. One will really make a way to buy something as a remembrance that you have been into that place. It may or may not be expensive. What’s important is how beautiful the items you bought. Common purchases are plush toys, bags, keychains and handmade souvenirs.

Like what I have found, a pink koala handbag with plush toy. I know most of my friends and visitors here know that I love pink so much. It’s obvious because my site is pink. hehe. Anyway let’s go back to my pink koala handbag; I love the color as well as the texture of the fabric that was used here. It seems that I got two items for one price, a pink bag and a pink stuff toy. Fabulous isn’t it? I adore this bag. Yay!

Stuff toys such as this 30cm foldable koala bear pillow is also an excellent purchase. It’s foldable and you can bring it wherever you will go. The fabric is excellent. Its suits as car accessories and you can use it whenever you need to sleep



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