14 November, 2009

What a Work

I miss my site so much and I miss you too fellow bloggers. I am just very thankful to the boyfriend for taking care of my simple abode as well as all of you.lol! Anyway, as what I have said from the previous post my work is different now. It's an office work and I can say paper works are a bit tiring. My 8 hours shift is not enough. Probably because I'm still new and still on the process of adjusting.

By the way I missed two Friday memes. Friday fill-ins and Pink Friday.(Sigh).I was in Lucena together with the bosses yesterday to attend the Philhealth orientation. I woke up early and went to the hospital early. Then I got home late and was not able to surf the net. I'm dead tired.lol!

Sorry for the comments I have not answered and for the award that I have not posted yet. I will do it when I'm not that busy. Thank You So Much!



Steve said...

Good see you're back writing a little bit here and there.