25 November, 2009

We Need Cashier

Hi, there! I just got home from work. I worked for almost 14hours. Phew! I missed the blogging world. These past few days I have been busy at work. A lot of paper works are eating up my 8 hours shift. Anyway, enough of that stuff. It’s really hard to earn money. Lol!

By the way, we are currently looking a cashier since the person assigned at the cashier is also in charge of billing and Philhealth. She is at risked for stress and other potential illness. That’s why we badly need a cashier. She is supposed to recommend her friend. A person that can be trusted and a computer literate; yet her friend already have a commitment to other company.

We are a day late for informing her. Anyway, she is undergoing her training at the casino. We are sure that her mind won’t change since casino offers a big salary compared to us. Casino pays more for their employees. I am not that sure if it's for Casino Online training. And so the position is still open. The bosses wanted to hire a cashier that was referred to them because it deals on money. They wanted a person that can be trusted, especially in terms of financial.




Vernz said...

I can be trusted, but dumb with financials, still don't qualify hahahah!

www.PinayMommyOnline.com said...

Nako, kung malapit ka lang baka ako na nag apply as cashier. I was a cashier before. That was my first job.

marielle said...

Happy Friday! Following you in google friend connect. Hope you can do the same thing. God Bless!