14 November, 2009

Tokens at Slot Machine

My most memorable experience at one of the amusement park was when I won 50 tokens. It happened last December 2008. I was with my two siblings, my brother and sister. We bought 100 pesos worth of tokens and it is equivalent to 25pcs. I divided it to the three of us and went our separate ways. I immediately head to my favorite game that is very similar to slot machine yet it’s not a free slot machines. Anyhow, we played different games.

By the way the game works by inserting a token and then making a bet. If the luck is in your side just like me in that case you’ll win a corresponding token for the number of token you have inserted. That time luck was working because my token was about to run out and just in time I won 50 pieces of it. Still I divided it for us to continue enjoying all the games available there.

It happened for the very first time since I started playing that game. To make it really memorable I documented it by taking pictures of the machine as well as the tokens I have won. And so we went home very much happy.




dom said...

I have added you in links. Hope you can link me up too. Thank You and God Bless!