20 November, 2009

Election Time

Once again election time is coming in the Philippines now is the time to elect a good leader. A leader that will unite us Filipinos. The Commission on Elections is eyeing other changes in the election calendar after they moved the deadline for the filing of certificates of candidacy (COC) to November this year instead of early 2010.

When election is coming I’m always thinking of a business that will be profitable but of course the printing business is very much in demand. You will need a photo printers for those candidates who want to have a calendar type or a business card advertisement of their name. You can also use a photo smart printers for you to print their photos more vividly or if your on a tight budget you can buy photo printer all in one so you can create all kinds of election paraphernalia’s, scanned pictures, copier, calling card, calendar, fan, a brochure type of campaign. But if you have a huge demand of print that will cater not only small printout but billboard type print you will need a tarpaulin type of printer. You need to buy photo inkjet printers for tarpaulin where can you print a billboard type of campaign advertisement.

Now a days Bluetooth is the advance technologies used to connect wireless you can use your wireless photo printers so no need to buy a separate cables just configure your printer into Bluetooth connection and that’s it .Your now ready for business.




Steve said...

Best of luck to you and your country.