10 November, 2009

Blogadvertising Is A Total Scam

No need to elaborate. Blogadvertising or it's former name which is payingpost is really a scam! Don't do any business with them. I swear! I have read from the past that they are really a scam but since my finance have not reach their threshold. I decided to still continue doing business with them. Just this November that this scam thing came true. They are suppose to pay me November 1 because I've already reached their threshold but unfortunately they did not pay. I haven't heard anything from them. They should go to hell now!




www.PinayMommyOnline.com said...

Amen Sister! Scam talaga sila.

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Stacie said...

Thanks for the heads up!

Femmepower said...

Sorry to hear that. I'm glad I stopped logging in to my account at payinpost.I earn from other legitimate sites.

Nessa said...

Hi Abie!

Thanks for the warning. I'm registered with Paying Post aka Blogadvertising but I've never done a single post yet, I'm so glad I haven't! :)

I'm sori to hear they haven't paid you. I hate scammers/swindlers! They should be exposed.

abie said...

Yeah Ate.Magpapasko pa naman tagal naming hinintay na maging 100$ yun. Yun pala ganun lang mangyayari. I'm very disappointed!

Workplace On the Web said...

Hi Abie,
I am a member too. I am getting close to reach the minimum payout.
I think I read from a blogger's post that she requested for a payout bcoz she reached the threshold. She waited and waited. I cannot remember what the blog is but what I can remember is, the blogger sent email to the advertisers she made reviews with.
Maybe you can try it and see what happens.


ellen said...

we share the same sentiments... anyway don't let them ruin our day!more blessings to come for sure..

glad to hear from you soon!

jenie said...

awww that really sucks!

just in time, here's what you need

Luana said...

Same happened with me :( I had to be paid on November 1st, and still nothing... I'll wait until February 2010 for payment, and if it doesn't come then, I'll delete my account and all the posts I made for them. It sucks!

Duni said...

Oh Abie! I'm sorry this is happening to you. Glad you warned us all!
I'm sure you will find a better site soon!

take care,


nurseabie said...

@Pinaymommy, hay scam talaga!
@Stacie,your welcome.I really want to inform all of you that they are indeed a scam.

marielle said...

Happy Weekend! Your visit is a blessing! God Bless!

nurseabie said...

@Nessa,nice to hear that you did not waste your time for them.
@Femmepower, glad that already stop doing business with them.
@Workplaceontheweb,Thanks for the suggestion.I'll try that.
@Ellen,Your right.Blessing will pour to us.
@Jenie,thank you.
@Luana,I'll still for my payment and will do the same if they will not pay me.
@Duni,thank you for the support.

Sugar Daddy Dating said...

Thanks for the warning. It will help alot of people.
(just came to drop :))

joy said...

hi abie! please check this site, http:rosilie.blogspot.com. she has received her paying post payment already. read her entry at the bottom of the page , i think so that you may get the just payment for your hardwork. i hope it will help you.