24 September, 2009

Tickets For Sale

Are you fond of watching sports events like volleyball, basketball, hockey and the likes? Well, I’m not really into watching sports events before but it change when the boyfriend came. He likes sports especially basketball. I think most men love basketball right? I know most of us when we are still teenager are very much amused to those guys who can play it well. One time the boyfriend invited me to watch the UAAP basketball game because his Alma mater team which is FEU will play versus Ateneo team. Prior to that game it was La Salle and Sto. Tomas fight.

There is a huge La Salle fans so I can see something green everywhere. Mind you the only Key Arena Tickets left was for General Admission. We are aware that the area would be a bit far from the game arena. Nevertheless, we still grabbed it just to watch the game. Everything was paid off since FEU won. The next time that we would watch sports events or concerts we will secure tickets ahead of time.

Anyway, from I know music videos awards are sometimes held at Radio City Music Hall. I just wished that Kanye West wasn’t given a Radio City Music Hall Tickets. You know what I mean. I felt bad about it because I like Taylor Swift. Well, I have been talking about tickets and Spider Man Tickets came across my mind. I wonder what kind of show they have for that. Curiosity kicks in and so I searched for it online. I found out that it was for Theater shows. Anyhow, I’ll give theater a try since I haven’t watch any theater shows in a big place. Perhaps you want to try also.