17 September, 2009

Things to Buy

I want to shop for so much stuff since I'm already working outside the four corners of our computer shop. First on the lists is a white duty shoes. The shoes I'm wearing is already 4 years old. It's the shoes I was using during our OR/DR duty in college. It just doesn't look old and ugly because I don't wear it in a daily basis. Only intended for OR/DR duty. Second on the list is make up and moisturizer for my dry skin. Third is a new undergarments. Fourth perfume because my recently purchased perfume was broken into pieces inside the pharmacy while I was on duty. Lastly is a new pair of earrings this time from silver works. I have so many things to buy yet I don't have much budget. Good luck for me. Hoping to get all these things soon.




Mys said...

good luck abie, but i think you look like you earn a lot from your blogs naman ah.

nurseabie said...

Thanks Mys. Hay di masyado but atleast meron.hehe