12 September, 2009

Directory For All

We have a lot of responsibilities in pharmacy especially during night. Another set of experience for us. We get to know more things. Here we go, the information closes at 5:00 pm, and so all calls are diverted to us. Cashier is barely until 8:00 pm. Their tasks are transferred to us such as accepting all the fees from medicine, medical supply, laboratory and down payment. Canteen also remits their income to us.

For the information accountability we need to know all the information that the person in-charge knows. Like the doctors schedules, their specialization and contact numbers. We must also be familiar with all the hospital fees, packages and services that our hospital offers. On the cashier toil we have to distinguish how much is the down payment for diverse cases. The accepted down payment if the patient can’t completely give the required fee. Lastly, for the canteen we need to accurately record all their remittance and let them signed it.

Before we are really clueless on some of the hospital fees but we did our best to secure a copy from someone who has it. Good thing we were able to get one. We just want to be ready in answering questions from the client. Like last Sunday I was on duty when a client asked me how much is the cost of normal spontaneous delivery and fees for the use of incubator. I was able to give her the answer because we already have a copy of it. I can’t memorize it yet because it’s very long and tricky. Hehe.

We already have most of the objects needed yet the only one lacking is a directory. One time the owner visited us and asked if we already have a directory. We said we don’t have it right now. Anyway, she said we should have a directory because it’s essential. If only I could say that the available directory inside our area is the online casino directory. I know everyone would be startled. lol! By the way it’s the best online casino directory that offers vital information. Just explore what they have to offer.