11 September, 2009

Happy to be with Blogsvertise

This is not a paid post. I would just like to express my sincere gratitude to Blogsvertise. They are one of the best paid post site wherein they know how to take care of bloggers and advertiser. I'm happy to be with them. I'm really looking forward to have more business with them. If you haven't join yet you can do so now. Just click the banner.



Pinay Mommy said...

Hinde ko alam Sis na birthday pala nila. Anyway, they have been good to me also.

Happy Birthday Blogvertise!!

nurseabie said...

Hindi ko di po alam kung birthday nila. I just to write something for them.hehe

Isis said...

I'm going to sign up with them now. Thanks to your post. I haven't had much luck with PPP (both version 3and4). I'd really like to start earning on my blog now that I am almost 4 months old.

If you have any tips that can help me do this successfully I would really appreciate it.

And I do hope you can visit my blog, too and maybe poke around there.:D


nurseabie said...

You have to sign up with them now and wait for the confirmation from them.That's the only thing I did. After my blog has been confirmed which did not took long.They started to give me opportunities.
Good luck.