18 September, 2009

Pink Friday #14 - Pink Set of Items

Happy Pink Friday fellow participants. Anyway here's my entry. A dream purchase of pink items. hehe. Dream because it's expensive and I can't afford it yet. I wonder how would I look wearing this one.

Pink Fish tail



Pink Thoughts said...

Wow! I am so loving the blouse and the bag.

Thanks for joining Pink Fridays! See you again soon. ^_^

Mommy Rubz said...

Hello Mommy! I like the blouse very much. It matches the skirt.

By the way, I am joining Pink Fridays! Here is my first entry:


A Woman's Blog

chubskulit said...

gusto ko tong meme na to, pwede ba akong sumali heheheh..

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nurseabie said...

@Pink Thoughts, Thanks po for the visit.
Mommy Rubz, yes po,a good fit.
@Chubskulit, yes po, you are welcome to join. We love to see you participates in PF.

genny said...

This one looks great...