08 September, 2009

Losing Weight

In just a month I already lost 4 lbs . Two lbs when I got sick and the other 2 lbs when I started working. A mixed reason for this. The first one is when I started working I haven't been eating snacks because I don't feel like eating. Then, only half of my lunch and dinner are consumed. I guess its because I eat alone. Also, I'm shy to be caught eating though there's nothing wrong with it. The first 2 days of my duty I consumed all my foods because I have a company. I don't know why hunger doesn't strike me when I'm on duty not unlike here in computer shop. I'm alone in my duty in pharmacy so I was always in a hurry eating. I'm an R.N yet I am temporarily assigned in the Hospital Pharmacy. I'm okay with it since I need to be more knowledgeable when comes to medicines and medical supply. I'm loving it.



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tax 2009 said...

Good job. I recently read an article on the four day diet that sounded very interesting.

nurseabie said...

@Tax 2009, thanks tax for the visit and comments. I lost 4lbs yet some of them says its not good for me.