12 September, 2009

Dropping by at the casino

A year after working abroad my boyfriend’s older brother decided to go home for a vacation. They decided to fetch him at the airport though no clear communication of whether he wanted us to picked him. We closed the computer shop a little earlier than our usual closing time. Funny thing is we got lost.hehe. There’s no apparent direction where is the exact way inside the vicinity of the airport. After a few minutes we are able to find the precise way and the right spot to park the car. We are surprised that we need to pay in order to be in the waiting area equipped with seats. Since we want to go inside we decided to pay.

We arrived early and waited for about an hour or 2 hours. We have been in a panicked mode because his brother has not arrived at the time of his arrival. Anyway, we still waited there and after half an hour of not seeing him we went home. On our way out of the airport area, they have conclude that maybe they could see his brother at the nearby amusement park where casino games are happening. hehe. We went there but did not go inside because it was jam packed of people. Anyway, it was confirmed that his brother went there that night.hehe. If ever he still wants to visit that place. I can recommend him to try the online casino, it's very accessible. But he should read first the golden casino review for guidance and tips.



you are the light of the world said...

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Modern Mom said...

Hi! I'd like you to know that I love your blog and there are 2 awards waiting for you here. Congrats!