19 December, 2008

Lotto Winner

First Spam mail for me stating I won 100,000,00 (One million euro) in De Lotto (Electronic Lotterij.I would be glad if it's true.hehe.Imagine I won in Lottery without betting.Without doing something that could make my email address be emerged as winner.

Second,I was chosen as inheritor of the unclaimed inheritance deposit of their late client.While searching for the kin of the deceased they got my email address through a quest in web search engine.The amount to be inherited is US$18.5 Million.It made me think and wish that it would be real.LOL!

In just One day I have been a millionaire through my lucky email address. Too good to be true but I'm not losing hope that it could be true probably in the future,next year or in the next 2 years.

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CuteBoo said...

LOL...congrats..so what do you do whith all this money.?I am also a millionaire,and mostly every week I get 1 more...cool...hoo...the internet will make it...haha...
by the way,looks good your signature...
so have a nice weekend and if we don´t hear us...
Happy Holidays!
Hugs Sabine

nurseabie said...

Thanks.hehe.It's my first time to received this million!I'm going to shop and donate some to charity.LOL..
Thanks for the visit Sabine.
Have a nice weekend too.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.God bless..

The_Light's_Herald said...

me too... i can't claim my millions because my bank account don't accept foreign transfers.


Duni said...

omg - you're a millionaire ☺

wish you happy holidays!

your new widget is very pretty!