07 December, 2008


Christmas is really in the air! The weather is now colder especially at night. I can't help using a blanket because it really gets on my nerve. Yay!One week from nowI am going to wake up at dawn to attend the "Misa de Gallo"I'm so excited!

Every house has its own unique Christmas decorations and sparkling lights. Children do house to house visit for Christmas carol. Then you can hear most radio stations playing Christmas song. Malls are jam packed of people shopping for gifts and food.Even though we are suffering from financial crisis.Maybe because Christmas is already a tradition to us Filipinos. Tight budget can't stop us from celebrating and from buying gifts for our loved one.Some already spare half of their earning to have a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.


Duni said...

I have always like the christmas carols, especially chidren's choir. It really puts me into the mood for X'mas.
Gifts don't have to be expensive. I give mostly handmade gifts...