11 December, 2008

Earthly Explorations Backup Boyfriend/Girlfriend

My views on this matter:

Woman cheat for some reason and man just do it for no reasons at all.Sometimes I believe that its already man's nature to cheat.I know there is still man left who remained loyal and so I am hats off to them.I have seen women hurt because they have been cheated by their man for no obvious reason.Man is just so dumb of doing this. For women they cheat as revenge.They want to make things fair.If their boyfriend was able to do it then she can do it also.

Anyway, If I would take the part of the one being cheated and given the two suggestions which is:
1. Dump the idiot and forget him or
Have a reserve if the idiot does not pull his act together you have a fall back.

I would choose number one since there are only two options. hahaha. Dump and forget him since the trust is not present anymore. It has been broken already so things will be hard for the both of you.The past will always haunt you. The past will always be brought up whenever disagreement arises. What I am talking here is the common scenario that I have observed from the people I know who had been in this situation.

Dump and forget him would be the best solution rather than have a reserve as a fall back if he does not pull his act together.To have a reserve will only cause so much trouble.I know to forget is hard but along the way you'll be able to move on and accept everything that had happened.


Zen Ventures said...

I'd also go for number one! I think it's the best option. NO extra baggages no stress! :)


nurseabie said...

Yes,preventing thyself from being hurt again by that person.