11 December, 2008

Earthly Explorations Old Underwear Tips

One day to go and Earthly Explorations Blog Giveaways contest will be over. I'd check my points and I only gained 35points.Not bad after all but She gave another way to improve points.Fabulous 100 additional points!

Its all about Earthly Explorations tip on What to do with Old Underwear
A self confessed underwear freak, so she ended up having so many undergarments. She found out three drawers full of it and decided to organized according to where she will use it.Then, left with old and worn out undergarments.

Earthly Explorations ideas on what to do with it.

A. Tear into pieces to make something beautiful and useful
B. Donate to homeless people.

My picked is to tear into pieces to make something beautiful and useful. Like what she said, we can use it to make throw pillows, as pillows filling, rugs and rag dolls for creative people.This is indeed a great idea! I'm not just comfortable in donating it.Used clothes will do but not use undergarments. hehe.