27 December, 2008

Christmas Day

Where did you spend your Christmas? What did you do to make it more meaningful and memorable?
Anyway, I spent my Christmas in Lipa, Batangas together with honey and mommy (his mom). My boyfriend's relatives lives in Batangas.We always go there every Christmas to join the celebration with them.We splurged on sumptuous food.They had their exchanged gift. I have also received gifts from his relatives since it's already my third time to spend Christmas with them.They are very nice and accommodating. After eating and exchanging gifts.Honey and I went outside their house.Relaxed on their rocking chair and had a heart to heart talk.hehehe.
We are suppose to watched a movie entitled Baler because our neighbor gave us a ticket but unfortunately we arrived home late.So we were not permitted to go out because it's already late and also it's raining.Honey throw tantrums.LOL.He immediately lied down on the sofa.I was left to do his tasked in feeding their pet animals.Luckily the dogs and bird has been so cooperative with me.I didn't had a hard time feeding them.

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Duni said...

Sounds like you had a pleasant Christmas. Glad you get along with your boyfriend's parents/relatives so well..but then you are such a sweet girl, who wouldn't get along with you!

nurseabie said...

Thank you.I'm sweet but a bit shy.hehe.They have been nice to me from the very start.