27 December, 2008

Christmas Sponsor

I want to thanked my honey and his mommy because they have been so generous in giving me gifts to be given to my family.Thank you so much.They accommodated my family very well.I'm so happy that I was able to give something to my family.Though it's not expensive but the important thing is it comes from my heart.
When we give freely and without asking for in anything in return the back of blessings to us is overflowing.This is so true.The feeling is unexplainable when you were able to make someone happy.It's not with the material things and the price of it.It's the fact that you remember them, especially this holiday season.

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gengen said...

It is true my dear I agree 100%. TC

Marie said...

Tama ka? Giving gifts to other without expecting returns is truly a wonderful feeling. Naniniwala din ako yong blessings na matatangap mo eh sobra sobra.

Have a Blessed and Peaceful New Year to you, your family and BF wink!

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