28 January, 2010

TV Package

In the hospital where I work private room doesn’t have a television cable yet. But in the out patient department patients are able to watch because of the signal coming from the antenna connected to it. Television is necessary there to somehow divert the attention of patients while waiting to their physician. Anyway, we are still on the process of completing things that is necessary. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to accomplish it all.

I was surprised to know that the billing personnel have been assigned to contact a cable provider. She was able to contact them. They have agreed on the monthly dues. Then, last Saturday they came at the hospital for installation. Suddenly I remember the best deal on television service, the direct tv packages I should have informed them about this directv packages. Since feedback on this is positive. The directtv packages are running smoothly on giving the best of television experience. It’s worth the money.




TheHappyDreamer.com said...

television really helps in hospitals..
even during confinement, i noticed that patient's would recover faster if they have television in the room or other things that can divert their attention from their illness..

Paula said...

TV would be the first thing I'll look for before allowing myself to be confined. hehe