01 February, 2010

And So I Was Late

It's Monday and also the first day of the love month. I woke up a little earlier on my usual wake up time, only to get back to sleep for about 5 minutes. I was still sleepy. Well, you can’t blame me. Hehe. I went to bed at around 12:30 am. We counted our sales for the month of January. Anyway, I hurriedly took a bath, eat breakfast and prepared food for my lunch. I left our house 10 minutes late from the usual because of my chaotic bag. I had to fix it before going to work because it is a pink transparent hello kitty. Everyone will see how chaotic it is. I had a hard time looking for a Jeepney. Since its Monday heavy traffic was there. So I arrived at my work place 5 minutes late. huhuhu. I hate it. I really have to change my habit. I got to wake up really early and fix my things the night before.



fetus said...

hahaha. i'm worse. everytime i go to the office i arrive on the dot. but our time keeping system is a software so i need to turn on a computer and wait agonizingly for it to load, and then scramble my username and password so i can punch in, and sometimes it would prompt me to change my password because it has expired and i would curse. the whole hulabaloo would cost me another 7-10 minutes.

nurseabie said...

@fetus,hope we can change our habit.hehe. Thanks for the visit..

Paula said...

I had a transparent bag like yours before. I'm not that organized with my things too but I learned to fix my things because of that transparent bag. LOL!