21 February, 2010

Water Water!

Water as we all know is very much important. For three days our village doesn't have supply of water. There have been a problem with the water pipes, to be specific it some part of it exploded. So they need to cut the supply of water in some areas and it happens that our zone was included. It was immediate that we weren’t able to save some for our basic use. Goodness! It's hard! Imagine the hassles it brought to every resident. Anyway it’s beyond our control. I am just fortunate that there is water in our shop. We can still take a bath. But today there's isn't water here now! I don’t what’s reason. Oh! It’s El NiƱo now!




Claudia said...

We take our water supply for granted and only when it stops for whatever reason we are getting aware of how much we need it and how much water we use!