21 February, 2010


We were in second year college when we had our statistics subject. As I have said I am not really good in math yet I was able to pass it on an average level. Lol! My statistics tutor was my friend May. She’s good at Math. We turn to her for statistics questions and she would willingly help us and give us the statistics answers. Good thing that my professor wasn’t that strict. Most of the time she let us open our notes when she give seat works. Mainly because the answer can’t be found there and it’s only purpose is to guide us.

The statistics problems she gives really needs careful attention to be able to get the correct answer to it. When we have assignments sometimes we would ask for statistics help from our classmates. There are times that we can’t get the right solutions, the computation as well the correct formula. During these times other professors who are close to us would offer free statistics help. We are very much thankful to them. By the way I thought statistics would end there in second year college but I was wrong. Thesis writing requires basic knowledge in statistics.