22 February, 2010


Going home last Saturday, we had a hard time looking for a jeepney. Every jeepney that pass is out of our way. So we decided to walk heading to the highway. At last there was lots of it! While walking we have touched the topic about the comfort of owning a car. It’s advantage as well the disadvantage.

We know that car have a high maintenance. The car’s fuel, registrations as well the accessories to beautifies it. It isn’t easy to maintain a car when you just have an average income. Cars can give comfort yet it can be a bit expensive. I know some car owners really put their efforts and money just to improve their car’s exterior. They want it to be hip and cool.

Of course cars are not the only transportation that is on high maintenance. Trucks need to be maintained well too. It has lots of use especially on business purposes. The owners also need to revamp trucks look. Buying a truck grills can help. It will add more good looks. Besides we wouldn’t want to see ugly trucks on the highway. Though here in our place there is lots of it. It is poorly maintained.

By the way, I'm looking forward to learn how to drive and then own a car.




imelda said...

i dnt like to own a car right now the cost of gasoline is expensive.