07 February, 2010

Getting Married

I'm a little bit exhausted now. A bit tired searching online for my wedding gown and my entourage gowns. Yes, I'm getting married this year, December to be exact. I just want to share it to all of you guys. Anyway, I have a mixture of feelings. I'm happy, excited and nervous. Happy because after six years finally we are tying the knot. I am excited to walk down the aisle yet nervous on planning our wedding. Maybe because I'm not good at planning. But I have to do my best to plan my wedding very well. It's a once in a lifetime moment. They say we have to hire a wedding coordinator yet hiring one is expensive. For the married bloggers hope you can share something with me. I would really appreciate it!




T.H said...

congrats :)

jenn_US said...

im excited for u. i actually just got married for the 2nd time in a church back in the Philippines. you can view my wedding photos on my blog. it took a whole great deal of planning. i can't blame u if you're nervous about your planning skills. i felt the same way. u have plenty of time so just take it easy. i hired a wedding planner but it was just on the day coordination as i really wanted to be a hands on bride myself. i did all the planning, deciding, choosing, researching and stuff. i might be able to help u. where is the wedding gonna be?

joy said...

hi sis! nakakainggit. sana bf and i will tie the knot na rin this december. i'm so happy for you! alam ko na magiging masaya at maganda yung wedding mo. visit www.weddingsatwork.com, maraming ideas dun that will surely help you. relax lang sis and enjoy the experience of planning your wedding kasi minsan lang yan sa buhay mo. thanks din for your bday greetings.

Cacai M. said...

Good luck and congrats sis.. you soon will step onto the journey of married one.. Welcome in marriage life in advance.. :-) Sa akin sis, hindi pa kami kinasal sa simbahan eh.. perhaps two years from now hopefully in PI, hopefully -- civil lang kami dito sis eh.. heheh.. good luck sis..

nurseabie said...

@T.H., Thank you..
@Jenn, Your wedding is soooo fabulous! I bet it's expensive.
From time to time I'll ask for guidance and tips. Just here in the Philippines. San Pedro, Laguna. A church wedding. Wedding planner is a great help yet expensive.Lol!
@ Joy, I know your next. hehe.Thank you. Goodluck sa inyo.
@Cacai. Thank you. Sana din mag church wedding na kayo. Goodluck sa akin sa married life.hehe

Jeff's Online Money Making Experience said...

Wow, that is exciting! Congratulations! I know you can do it, planning your own wedding. That's what my wife and I did (but mostly, my wife did it).

After the wedding she started coordinating weddings because of her own experience.

You can do it! :)

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Paula said...

That's great news! Congrats on your wedding, sis.