22 January, 2010

My Science Story

My mother is a science teacher since she is a graduate of medical technology yet did not practice it. She took the licensure examination for teacher and luckily passed the exam. I can still vividly remember how we asked help to my mother with regard to science questions because she handles this subject. She would help but most of the time we do our assignments alone. Science help was limited then.

When I was in high school and was having a hard time with some chemistry lesson, I have no one to turn to. My mother wasn’t with me because she was in Masbate while I am in Cebu. Chemistry help isn’t available so I have to depend on the book. I can’t find chemistry tutor because. most of my roommates dislikes Science..lol! And besides they are already done with this subject. So I have to comprehend lesson by myself in order to pass. Chemistry is neither easy nor hard.

I spent my fourth year in high school at Sto. NiƱo School of Muntinlupa and again far away from mother and the rest of my family. Physics is the last science subject in high school. This one isn’t easy and I know I would need Physics help. Assignments, seatwork s and tests would need more attention in order to pass. In addition to that hard work and persistence to pass the subject should be exhibited. I have done this and so I passed. Lol! By the way, my male teacher is terror yet he explains the subject well. He can be a good physics tutor as he is an excellent physics problem solver.




joy said...

I'm a registered medical technologist and a licensed teacher too but unlike your mom I don't practice my teaching profession. I hope to do so in the near future.

JENIE said...

when i was a kid, i wanted to be a teacher...i turned out to be a dietitian, but somehow fulfilled that dream advising and doing lectures for patients ;)

Jeff @ Pacquiao vs Clottey Live Stream said...

I had trouble with Chemistry when I was in high school, but we eventually learned that it was our whole class who had trouble so the problem, all the while, was not the subject but the teacher.