07 January, 2010

What a Girl Loves

My officemate is contemplating on buying a new bag for about two weeks now. She’s having a hard time choosing a design because she sees lot’s of beautiful bags. Then, just this morning I was surprise to see her new bag. It was a black leather handbag. It is a new and popular design. It is really elegant and perfect for a beautiful lady like her. Just because of that I’m thinking of buying also. Hehe. I already told you I love bag so much. I would love to have a great collection of it if budget permits. If someone would buy me a louis vuitton handbags with varying designs, it would really be appreciated. Lol! Louis vuitton bags are one of the leading brands of bags all over the world. I know most people want to have at least one of its many designs.

By the way my Christmas present to my mother was a handbag from Secosana. It was beautiful that I wanted also to buy the same design for myself yet I don’t have enough money. Lol! At first glance it really looks like a louis vuitton bag but as you know louis vuitton handbags really has a distinct design. No one can really create exact copy of it. Fake LV handbags can easily be distinguished. By this time I know she already received it. I just hope she’ll love it.




JENIE said...

the best time to do shopping i guess...for a new you for a new year ;)

missing your visits dear! come see also my newly reconstructed earthy me

im wondering...where are my links? am i here? you are in all 4 of my blogs
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