16 January, 2010

Another Blog

I am planning to create another blog but I’m not sure yet of what will be its theme. I have no clear idea what would be its content.hehe. One thing I’m sure is I want to have my own domain. I yearn for that dot com thing. So I am on the look out for the best web hosting provider. I know that web hosting rating varies from different providers.

Web site hosting can be expensive or cheap. It depends on its feature and the provider. To get the best of it, one must be keen to distinguish and compare web hosting site. I’m really hoping to make my plan materialize. Thru web hosting directory I know I’ll be able to find what I’m looking for that comes from very affordable price. I’m excited about the idea of owning a site having my own domain.



Another Blogger said...

Hi bie, if you are really want to have a new blog, I think that is a great idea.
I have my own domain now. Having our own domain will give us more experiences. My old blog using blogger, now with my new domain I'm using wordpress as my blogging platform and I enjoy them both.
Please check my new blog: