11 January, 2010


Math problems are always a problem for some students. I will not be shy to tell that I’m one of them. Hehe. I don’t know if it runs in the blood because most of my aunt’s and cousins doesn’t like math either. I’m just lucky to have friends who are always willing to help whenever math problems such as algebra word problems and math word problems. But of course I’m not totally dependent to them.

I also do my own research and my own assignment. In addition I studied the lessons we have previously tackled. It is in preparation for the periodical exams and seatwork’s. When I was struggling to pass the algebra subject during high school and college, algebra help from books as well as from friends are beside me. I was glad to have passed it and there’s no need for me to seek for algebra 2 help. I always believe that math problems have a math answers just like our problem in life.



Vernz said...

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mhikoy said...

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