05 May, 2009

Star City Philippines

Honestly speaking I haven't been there. I just saw it during my graduation because the ceremony was held at PICC and Star City is just a few steps away. If I have a leisure time I will visit the place with my family yet I won't ride on those terrifying rides like Zyklone Loop roller coaster.Probably, I will just be taking pictures for a souvenir.hehe.I love to take pictures and so I yearn to have a Sony digital camera but I want to purchase it from my own pocket. Anyway, One thing I'm looking forward why I wish to visit the place is to experience the snow even if I'm just here in the country.LOL! I know it would be so fun and exciting!

My First Commenter: Enchie

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Enchie said...

a lot awaits you you abie! enjoy!

joy said...

i've been there twice and i can say that my favorite ride would have to be the log jam, grabe parang mawawala ang puso ko kapag pababa na yung ride. hope you get to enjoy star city , one of these days!

nurseabie said...

@ Enchie, thanks..
@ Joy,thanks...Nakakawala talga ng espiritu ang log jam kasi sa Enchanted ganun eh.Hehe