25 May, 2009

Facebook or Friendster

What do you prefer between Facebook and Friendster? I've signed for a Facebook account before but after a month or two I deleted it. I didn't like it that much compared to Friendster when I was first introduce to it.Also for the fact that I only have few friends there while I have lots in Friendster .Merely, because when I started using the latter it was very popular then here in the Philippines. They're still yet Facebook is well like by most now, even surpass their popularity. Majority of my friends has Facebook. They even said that Friendster is becoming boring.LOL! Since I don't have a Facebook account I didn't know that it offers lots of applications like games. Everyone is addicted to Farm Life which I had before in my DS Lite. Most of the blog site I've come accross has a Facebook account hence I was enticed to join.hehe. I've signed just today. I was surprised to see my college classmates there. I'd been left behind.hehe. I'll delve the site tomorrow.