07 May, 2009

Eight Tag

Enchie of Sweet Nothings tagged me with this 8 tag.Thank you so much for including me on your list.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

-My birthday (June 1st)
-Seeing my best friend after a year
-Sony Digital Camera
-My sister graduation
-Our fifth anniversary
-New bag and wallet
-Bf to earn much from his business
-A successful career

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

-Watched Eat Bulaga and Wowowee
-Watched Kambal sa Uma and Precious Hearts
-Read Med-Surg.
-Encoded and faxed documents
-Ate muffins for a snacks
-Cooked for our dinner
-Cleaned the shop
-Listened to music

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

-Travel outside the country
-Visit home sweet home
-Visit Cebu
-Purchase house for family
-Enroll in an English class
-Speak English fluently
-Enroll in a Fashion school
-Shop till I drop

8 Shows I Watch

-Kambal sa Uma
-Precious Hearts
-La Traicion
-TV Patrol
-May Bukas Pa
-Tayong Dalawa
-Your Song

Eight People I tag

-Joy of From this side
-Joy of Pinaymama's diary

My First Commenter: Mys



Mys said...

super thanks again. Did it already. Thanks

mommytaf said...

Ang sarap naman. You day was so simple and not so stressful.. Iba talaga pag single pa...

joy said...

hi abie! thanks for the tag, will post the answers soon! enjoy the weekends.