15 May, 2009

PF#5 Pink Laptop

One of the material things I'm looking forward to have. Especially now that I'm into blogging. I need my own laptop. I'm crossing my finger to have this one soon yet there's a big question; where will I get the money to purchase this expensive laptop.LOL! Anyway, I'm not losing hope, wish me luck everyone.

Do you love pink? Do you want to have fun? Join us here Pink Friday.

Image credit: iTech News Net

My First Commenter: Pink Thoughts



pink thoughts said...

I wanted to have my very own pink laptop. I just sold the black one. :(

Pink Fridays Post is up! Thanks for playing!

yen said...

i have my own but that pink one is great! very feminine...

carlota said...

Oh i'm sure you have it in no time.

Thanks for the comment really appreciate it. Happy Friday!

""rare*jonRez"" said...

if you're into paid blogging, you can eventually get this pink laptop dear! just keep writing sponsored ads! :)

my daughter has a lot of pink clothes and if u ask if i love pink, no i don't really. but because of my daughter, I've learned loving it! :D great weekend ahead to yah!

nurseabie said...

@ pink thoughts,thanks, hope we can have this one very soon.

@ yen,your right yen.That's I love this one.Thanks.

@ carlota, thanks,I'm hopeful.hehe

@ rare jonRez, I'm not writing a paid post yet.Thanks, I know I can really earn into paid blogging.
Pink is really an attractive color especially for teens.

earthlingorgeous said...

One pink thing I can think of right now is my blog it's pink! ahahahaha. I do like that laptop too. :)

mark said...

like that color! hehehe

Tellie said...

DON'T BUY THAT ONE. I have that same exact laptop and it sucks, the keys are literally falling off and I've had it for <1 yr. There are a slew of other small problems with it too