24 May, 2009

Cake Mania

Yipee! My DS Lite is back. I got a new micro sd card. Advance Birthday gift from hon.
I'm currently playing cake mania.Perfecting my skills in baking cake to earn more money to bring back grandpa's bakeshop.I'm stuck at the month of December. I haven't reach the bakers goal yet.Too bad, just when I'm about to be finished battery got emptied. This game is pretty much similar to diner dash.

My First Commenter: Yen of Heavenly Delight



yen said...

hi abs,
i like to play cake mania as well. it is a strategy game so it is good for our minds working...

joy said...

looks like a fun game, i'll give it a try

nurseabie said...

@ yen, Your right, it's really good for our mind.Another way to escape from life stresses.
@ joy, Try it, your gonna enjoy.I swear.hehe.

Mys said...

I'm addicted to diner dash, now I'm playing supermarket management. I'm addicted to dash games and chocolatier.