03 May, 2009

Simple Way to Solve the Rubiks Cube

Have you tried solving the Rubiks Cube? What motivates you to do so? How did you come to solve it? Did you ask someone to help you or you have search for a tutorial?
So many questions..LOL!

In my case I've tried solving it out of curiosity. I thought it was easy but its not. There's no one to help me glad that the internet has a huge collection of tutorials. I found this amazing site that is a must for a beginner.A detailed step by step procedure with images.To do it alone memorization and practice are needed.This site is such a big help in satisfying my curiosity. Though I did not become an expert but the fact that I was able to solve it, is already an achievement to me.I didn't bother to study those tricks and exhibition of the rubiks cube but my little brother knows lots of exhibition.He persevere to learn.

A bad news because I found out just today they made a major change in their site.If you want to view the whole tutorial you need to buy it. Sayang naman! So there's no need for me to include their link here because its not free already..LOL! But you can still view tutorials thru youtube courtesy of Dan Brown videos.

Try solving it you'll have fun! Good luck...