16 January, 2009

Page Rank

Dropping my entrecard I found this site http://jedchan.com and saw a post about his page rank. Within the post there is a PR checker so I tried checking my site. I was shocked with the result. It says I have a page rank of 2. I just can't believe it so I looked for other PR checker tool and the results are the same. Is it true? A question that occurred in my mind? I don't know if its real but I want to believe its true. Though page rank is not that important to me but I was happy to have a rank like this. I have started this blog without knowing the PR and its importance. I have come across to other blog that has a PR ranging from 1-3 etc.,. They are pretty much happy with it. I guess it has something to do with the opportunity to make something useful here in blogosphere. By the way if anyone happens to check my PR and its not 2 after all . Please inform me. I will appreciate it. Thanks much!

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