20 January, 2009

Jericho Rosales

I missed Betty La Fea yesterday because I was in the computer the whole time.Also I'm into electricity saving mode.When I turned on the television it was already Tayong Dalawa. I forgot that Dyosa already ended so Betty La Fea would be shown earlier. I was so eager to watch because of Betty's transformation, from ugly Betty to bettyful! Only to find out that its not happening yet. She drowned during the yatch party, so plastic surgery was interfered. I was surprise to see Jericho Rosales hence the title.hehe. He is the newest addition to the show. He was the savior of betty. Love triangle is going to happen. Watch out! Karylle is also there. Echo's love interest.

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caryn said...

ooo! so that's whats happening with betty these days. hehhe. i saw it for a while when i was in manila, but wasn't able to watch it since i came back to tokyo ;-(

nurseabie said...

Hello! thanks for the visit and comments as well!

They're going to extend Betty La Fea because of its good rating.That's why they added 3 three characters, that includes Pops.She will play the aunt of Jericho Rosales.