13 January, 2009

Monday Post

A busy Monday for me.My nephew was still with me until lunch time.I texted my father to fetch him because I was alone.There are numerous customers coming so I can't attend to his needs and questions regarding the games he was playing.Though he's smart enough to follow my instruction, there is still some few query from him.Bunch of customer is good for the business so I don't whine at all.Especially now that the vacant place next to us would be a computer shop.Indeed, we need to work hard.Improve our services and the way we handle customers.

Photo printing and editing made me busy the whole day.This is what I do now instead of nursing care plan and other nursing thing.hehehe.A hasten work for me because the student was rush by their teacher to print out pictures to be posted on their bulletin.I did it hastily yet with quality.

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