10 January, 2009

Met Again

I was surprise to see the pastor after a year.He used to come in our shop every Sunday to have their church song photocopied.What reminds me of him is his very careful attention to how the document looks.He wants things to be perfect or near to perfect, even though the original document is not.He always instruct me to make it better than the original.He wants the margin to be in equal sizes.So from time to time I consult him if its already okay for him.But of course I let him pay the damage, those papers that he didn't like.Hehehe.The customer wants the best and so we give our best.
Honestly, most of the time I'm not annoyed because he always do it in a nice way.Maybe because he is a pastor?I don't think so.Maybe he really has a good attitude.By the way everything that happened a while ago ran smoothly even though I'm alone.I was able to work efficiently.Photocopying thing is perfect!

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