29 January, 2009


I cook pop corn here in computer shop for our snacks but it has no flavor, just a plain one.So last Sunday while we were in the supermarket I saw a cheese and opted to get one.Just this afternoon I cooked a pop corn after boiling a water for our coffee.Pop corn and coffee was supposed to be our snacks.Unfortunately, I didn't finished cooking because our small tank ran out of LPG.So, hon immediately called the store for LPG delivery but sad to say they don't have stocks.The suppose to be pop corn didn't pop so it remains to be just a corn.LOL! Bad trip! They said there's no shortage but how come we can't buy one.Maybe they're right,there's really no shortage just hoarding.They are taking advantage of the economic crisis.Bad!Bad!Hope the Department of Energy takes necessary action on this problem immediately.

It didn't pop!

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