06 January, 2009


Often times I encountered people with exceptional attitude here in computer shop. I just want call it that way just for a change.What I mean of exceptional here is their arrogant attitude.Mr and Ms know it all, as if you I know nothing compared to them.I know I can't tell them to treat me nicely the way I do.They are entitled to their behavior.I'm just sensitive and emotional that's why I easily notice when something is not right.The tone of the voice is one way of telling that their acting unusual.I just don't want to be treated unfairly especially when I didn't do anything bad to them.In case I did something wrong or something that is different from what they want, they can always tell it directly to my face in a proper way.They don't have to rise their voice as if I'm an idiot.But then again I can't change them If they have been like this for ages.

I've learned something from encountering these kind of people.First is understanding them, maybe they had a bad day or they are not happy anymore with how their life is going.Second is not to pay attention to their tone of voice and stuff but pay attention to the details that they are trying to correct.It's just sometimes people use the defense mechanism displacement.Anyway, at the end of day surely they will realize their action.The important thing is I remain humble.The behavior that they have showed reflect on what kind of person they are.Anger because something went wrong will not solve the misunderstanding it will just aggravate it.