05 June, 2011

Scrubs for Everyone

Scrubs are popular among hospital staffs. Some hospitals already replace the conventional white nursing uniform into their preferred colored nurse scrubs while others stick to the color white nursing scrubs. In our hospital, nurses and ancillary staffs wear scrubs. They have two sets of scrubs using two colors. One is their preferred color and the other one is the owner’s choice which is beige. Hospital scrubs color varies in every department during Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday they wear their beige scrubs.

I appreciate their scrubs now compared to the previous one. The textile on the previous scrubs is not proper. It did not give them comfort. It doesn’t look like a scrub. The appropriate should be soft cotton scrubs in order to be satisfied. Good thing the owner decided to change the entire hospital uniforms. Luckily they found the one who make and sell wholesale hospital scrub. By the way, individuals who are looking for white nursing scrub top, white medical lab coat, uniques scrubs and ua uniform you can visit http://www.blueskyscrubs.com for your needs and satisfaction. They are the best.