01 June, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

I did not go to work since it is my birthday. We have a birthday leave. Thanks for this privilege. I had my me time. Anyway, I woke up early and waited for my husband to arrive from work. Oh my baby was so active early in the morning. The kicking and moving awakens me. Maybe because he/she knows that it's my birthday. Lol!

When my husband's arrived we ate spaghetti and chicken together that my mother in law cooked. Yehey! After two days we are able to eat breakfast together. Our work schedule is not the same so we can't be together for breakfast. We can't go out for my birthday just like before because of his work schedule. So we just went out to buy cake, chicken and barbecue. He already gave me a gift as well as my mother in law. I'm already contented with this. Thank you so much daddy honey and mommy.

I was overwhelmed with the birthday greetings that I received via facebook and text messages. Thank you so much guys. Thank you so much mama and papa. God bless you all! I’m very much thankful to our Almighty God for another year of my life to be with my family, friends and relatives. I'm here on earth for 25 years already and looking forward for more years to celebrate life. I am very much grateful for all the blessings that God always shower into my life. I'm very much blessed to have my husband and our coming baby. I am wishing for bright future ahead, safe delivery of our baby on September, happy married life, advancement in work/career, good health for all of us and more success.




Yannie said...

Happy birthday abie...

Marinella said...

Birthday leave, wow, that must be cool. First time to hear it.

Rondi said...

Hope you enjoyed your birthday! Thanks for stopping by! :)