19 June, 2011

Happy Father's Day Honey

My husband first Father's day celebration because he is a first time daddy. We woke up early and washed our piles of laundry. We weren’t able to do it the other day because we attended my office mate wedding. After the laundry thing we went to the mall early to attend the Sunday mass as well as to deposit at BDO. Then head over to Festival Mall in Alabang, Muntinlupa to celebrate Father’s day. First stop is at Tom’s World wherein we did not win our target stuff toys. Maybe it is not yet our lucky day. There’s no more tokens left so we decided to eat lunch at Racks. Indeed a luscious lunch with the first time daddy.

We stroll, canvass for the next thing to have and look for slippers to buy. Then we bought snacks for mommy at Wendy’s and also got frosty for ourselves. We drove back home and drop by at Puregold to buy my milk, flowers for daddy, and some household needs.

There is an amusement area and he was enticed to buy tokens. We bought 4 tokens. Again we tried our luck to get some stuff toys. Luckily honey won and I did not get anything. Too bad! By the way, he got a cute sponge bob. Indeed his lucky day.

After that we visited the tomb of my father-in-law to greet him a Happy Father’s Day. We didn’t fail to visit his grave especially during special occasions. He will always be remembered. I can say that he has been a great father. Anyway, Happy Father’s day also to my father. I just sent him a message since he is miles away from me.