09 July, 2010

You Can Gamble

We are facing a lot of issues at the hospital especially on our department, the administrative. Issue such as not showing respect to our superior, accumulation of paper works as well as finances matter. I will tackle each issue to just somehow give my point even just here. We all know that respect is gain. It can be gain if you also know how to show respect to every people you met regardless of their status. Respect begets respect. All of us concerned know the meaning and value of respect. Accumulation of paper works is because we multitask. We are not only dealing with one job. We do everything but make sure to balance the things we do. They just don’t know it because our superior doesn’t take time to ask us about our work.

Lastly the finances concern, they doubt the honesty of our co worker who handle our finances. Let’s call her Ruby. Anyway, things started when one of our superior, let’s call her Chona is telling something to the bosses about the lifestyle of Ruby. She said that Ruby’s salary is not enough for her to buy stuffs every pay day. We know that Ruby’s salary is really not enough but she has other resources. She doesn’t only depend on her salary alone. She’s into casino gambling, just kidding. Lol! Anyway, if she’s into it there’s nothing wrong as long as Ruby knows how to handle her finances. Online gambling is fun provided you know how to control yourself and you only play to the trusted online gambling portal. Okay, back to the issue. Ruby’s cousin and close friend is the one who send her money whenever she needs it; that enable her to buy stuffs she want. Chona is unaware of it and she doesn’t have to. Good luck to what will happen to us next.