29 July, 2010


I thought my friend is just making a joke by telling me that they will watch a horse race and then they’ll bet. I asked her if she’s sure about it and she said yes without batting an eyelash. Lol! I just find it bizarre. I can’t believe they are into this game. Anyway they were not able to come there yesterday night because it is already late instead they went to a café and had a heart to heart conversation with our chief nurse. But today they are going to pursue their plan and really determine to put a bet. They are feeling lucky and so they want to try their luck. Lol! By the way I have told her if in case they would not make it today they could just play online casinos instead. It is fun and exciting plus the fact that they can just do it at the comfort of their home or wherever they want provided they have a laptop and an internet connection.



Francis R. Barbour said...

Actually, I think they take the bets before the horse race... too many winners the other way around. lol