23 July, 2010


I have to plan and write it down so that it won’t go astray. I have lots of things to do and it needs to be accomplished as soon possible. Things like cleaning and organizing my files at the office. Philhealth forms and written endorsement for nurses should be done just to lessen my workload. Be updated with my Philhealth claims to avoid cramming when its submission time. Be able to go home on time. No more unpaid overtime.

With regard to my blog, I want to write regularly. Tackle everything that was on my navigation bar. It should be a post that is more informative. I would like to visits blogs frequently and leave comments.

Last but not the least is my life and career. I want to face now my nursing profession. I just don’t know how but I must to find a way. For the meantime the focus of my attention this day should be my upcoming wedding. I want to have simple yet elegant wedding celebration.