04 July, 2010


I really don't know now whether to continue my nursing profession or just forget about it and find other career. It's been three years that I don't have any hospital experience as a registered nurse. I have worked in other field, its outside nursing just to earn for a living. There is a little opportunity for nurses here because of the growing numbers of registered nurses every year. The only thing to have an experience is to be a volunteer nurse. I did not do it before because I’m dire need of money to support myself as well as my sister who is currently studying that time. Right now it's still the same. I can't afford to be a volunteer nurse because I still have to support my sister and myself. Also I need to save for my upcoming wedding. I'm confused to continue or not. I have asked whether I am really meant to be a nurse.




Tetcha said...

Have you tried Philippine Heart Center? I've talked with one of the nurses when my Nanay was confined there. I needed first-hand info because my niece is also a nurse and just recently passed the Board. You just need to submit your resume and they'll give you tests right away. Hang in there, Abie!All hope is not lost!